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iPod Batteries and Accessories

from: Dawn Rowlett

The Apple iPod has been taking the world by storm since the tiny
handheld device has been released. The iPod has made it possible
for people to download almost their entire music library into a
mini-computer that they can take with them wherever they go.
Apple has created variations on the original iPod, and has also
created a variety of accessories to allow even more
functionality from the little device.

There are many models of iPods now available on the market.
There are the 1st through 4th generation iPods that are the
typical iPod style-small and flat with a little display screen.
There is also the iPod mini, which is smaller and holds less
information that other iPods. There is also the iPod shuffle,
which automatically shuffles through all the music files on the
iPod. It holds less music than other iPods and does not have the
display screen like the others. And there is also the iPod

There are several accessories available for the iPods. Desk
mount with speakers allows the user to have a portable stereo
system with all their favorite music there at hand. The external
18 hour iPod battery is a great new accessory that gives the
users much more battery time. Unfortunately, the 18 hour battery
is not available for 1st and 2nd generation iPods. An FM
transmitter is also available for the iPod that allows listeners
to hear their favorite FM stations directly through the iPod.

Power for the iPod is a very important issue. Depending on how
much the iPod is used, batteries can last a long time, or not
long at all. Extras batteries can be purchased,. 1st and 2nd
generation iPods use different batteries than other iPods. The
18 hour battery is a great choice for any of the other iPod
models. It is the best deal and will let the user get the most
out of their iPod.

So whether it's going small with the iPod Nano, or going all out
with the newest iPod, there is something out there for everyone.
There are price ranges for everyone too.

About the author:

Dawn Rowlett is an author for href="http://batteryweb.com/">Battery Web, the Worldwide
Web's Leading Provider of all Types of Batteries, Battery
Chargers and Accessories. Visit the site for a great selection
of iPod
and accessories.



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