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iPod Nano Ships in Sleeves

from: Eddie Miller

Following growing complaints and lawsuits over the scratch-prone
iPod Nano, Apple has begun to ship its little beast of an mp3
player in protective covers to help prevent scratches on its mp3
device while in shipment, where the company says much of the
scratching occurs.

According to posts made Thursday and Friday on several iPod fan
sites, the iPod Nano now includes a white fabric and plastic
slipcover that resembles the one shipping with the new iPod
video. Two Apple customer service representatives confirmed that
the iPod Nano now ships with a cover. "I'd call it more of a
dustcover than a case," said one. "It's very much like what's
included with the video iPod," said another.

This action is the first of what is expected to be growing
responses to the heavy criticisms and large lawsuits in action
against Apple over its iPod Nano. Although the corporate office
has yet to comment officially on the topic, it is needless to
say that the company is indeed taking the complaints seriously.

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