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Video iPod Seeing Success

from: Eddie Miller

According to various industry sources, it appears as if the new
iPods are selling incredibly well. Indeed, many skeptics doubted
whether the Apple's new iPod video would be an instant success
due to a lack of significant content and the fact that the video
isn't as high of quality as it probably could be. However,
despite these potential drawbacks, early reports indicate that
Apple is going to be seeing more profits than ever now that the
new video iPod has hit the shelves.

The 5th Generation Apple iPod is definitely pushing
technological boundaries by combining video capabilities into
the mp3 world. Future success was undoubted, but such quick
success was indeed looked upon as being not as likely. However,
analysts report positively for Apple. "In our recent proprietary
checks with industry and channel sources, we believe sales of 5G
iPods are coming in ahead of expectations," American Technology
Research analyst Shaw Wu said in a research note. "In some
cases, in Apple's own channels, including its physical stores
and online store, we believe 5G iPods are surprisingly
outselling even the very popular iPod nano."

Businessweek has also pointed out that in most cases there is a
5-7 day delay in fulfilling the orders of the 5th Generation
Apple iPod due to a constraint in supplies. Apparently, Apple is
looking for a second supplier of LCD screens to relieve this
constraint and get more iPods onto store shelves.

About the author:

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